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As an artist and passionate nature and landscape cinematographer and photographer, I always look for the most intimate aspects of the scene, and then reveal its beauty in a form of expressive photography. I am constantly seeking the new-- a new place, new moment, a new vision-- but return over and over to those primal places seeking my ideal vision-- perfection. When in the field I fully absorb the place I’m exploring.  Visualizing shapes, tones, colors, the placement of the moon and the stars. I view harsh weather as an opportunity to capture powerful images conveying action, thrill, and visual provocation. Using various techniques I am able to capture the dynamics of the place, intensify it, storing life within it, and emphasize its realism or origin.


Images hold emotions, fantasies, and visual associations. They can have calming and healing effect on us, and surround us with a positive feeling. In a way they act as a visual reservoir of emotions providing ways for us to relive these feelings anytime we want, and all we have to do is to give them another look. To me images are simply placeholders for these feelings I then, as an artist, introduce them to the viewer.